African Federation for Sustainable Development fights for the people for fair Labour & Human Rights

We are a South African & Lesotho based company dedicated to improving worker's relations & their labour environment.

  • Economic growth with decent wages and salaries

  • We bring the charming people together to challenge established thinking.


Our mission is to create a union that keeps the country going

  • dummy Create secure jobs through labour & sustainable development
  • dummy A union that fights for their members so that they do not have to.

Our vision is to have a union for the people.

  • dummy All races, Ethnic groups and nationalities under one flag.
  • dummy A union where there is no discrimination with one goal at hand, "Keeping the Country Going".

More about African Federation for Sustainable Development

The proposed project ‘AFRICAN FEDERARATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT registered as ’NPO ‘involves unique sustainable resource built around four key initiatives; environment, entertainment, education and unemployment . Rural communities, mining affected civil societies and informal settlements generally suffer from a lack opportunity be it entertainment, employment opportunity, educational tools, cultural or economic challenges because of the effects of isolation, low income, poor sanitation services, poor standard of living, thin population and the poor viability of standalone enterprise. AFRICAN FERDERATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT will strives to overcome this problem by setting up a Centreswhere many needs are catered for under one roof through the application of a multilateral approach to service provision. This will reduce the adversity of rural and informal settlements isolation through clustering andincreasing the overall marketability in suburbs and urban areas by applying an integrated enterprise model where all parts contribute in one way or another toward the same concern. Thus foot fall generated by the traditionally more popular elements of the proposed serviceshelps to sustain and create interest in the less marketable elements creating to a greater or lesser extent a symbiotic relationship between the government various components and the project this will increases the chances of success for the Centre as whole and bring about sustainable development , reduce unemployment rate in the country and boost mentioned indicators of development.
AFRICAN FEDERARATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT offers an opportunity for investors and funders to meet their own environmental, social and economic objectives and help increase economic productivity of Lesotho. The initiatives rise to meet current thinking in fields of environmental awareness, education, sustainability, entertainment and community development, thus creating a desirable level of additionally to any potential investment. AFRICAN FEDERARATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT will lead theway by demonstrating a model for sustainable development in the hope of activating rural communities and informal settlements to rise to the challenges they are presented with and begin forming networks, tapping into local resources and utilizing available opportunities for youth to the maximum. This Centre will collaborate with so many government agencies for such opportunities.
This project will differs from others in that the number and calibre of individuals who will be involved in the project will be exceptional; they will be true representatives for their communities and will prove track record with regard to both community and commercial development. The project supporters will include a wide range of professional consultants and practitioners with first hand knowledge and experience from similar initiatives nationwide. So far the team will work tirelessly on this and other projects, all voluntarily, so there isa very pragmatic understanding of the workload and in general a very practical and realistic perspective on the viability of the project in relation to the communities abilities, aspirations and resources. The core team have identified their key weaknesses.

Executive Board

Meet Our Team

Seipati Lucas Misapitso
Seipati Lucas MisapitsoPresident
Mr Rethabile Mokoena
Mr Rethabile MokoenaSecretary General
Mr Thabang Thapeli
Mr Thabang ThapeliPublic Relations Officer
Mr Thabo Mositsi
Mr Thabo MositsiTreasurer
Mrs Mahlomo Pelane
Mrs Mahlomo PelaneAdvisory Member
Miss Rethabile Phumane
Miss Rethabile PhumaneVice President
Mr Taole Mositsi
Mr Taole MositsiVice Secretary
Mr Tsiu Leuta
Mr Tsiu LeutaPublic Relations Officer
Miss Tshepiso Ward
Miss Tshepiso WardAdvisory Member
Miss Reekelitsoe Motaung
Miss Reekelitsoe MotaungAdvisory Member

Our Project

The project looks to meet the growing demand for entertainment and movement toward sustainable development by empowering youth with the opportunities, skills, knowledge and resources required to realise a sustainable lifestyle and improve their quality of life.

These objectives guide the development which will be carried out by ‘AFRICAN FEDERARATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’.

The activities planned that will enable the project to realise its objectives fall under four key initiatives which look to create a balanced overall project.

Through interaction and collaboration this project serve to create additional products and protects the wider project from fluctuations in the market.

The four core initiatives of the project are outlined on the home page under Intitiatives, Products & Services.

Each one will have a development and implementation strategy although at this stage there is no detail other than that in the overall plan.


  1. Secure restoration and sustainable development
  2. Build a versatile, educationally, environmentally sustainable infrastructure and strive toward a zero environmental impact for the development.
  3. Accommodating, supporting and promoting activities which will create opportunities for community development from education, employment and enjoyment.
  4. Create a model for sustainable rural development and informal settlement based on collaboration, community enterprise, education, creativity, environmental awareness, labour exchange and resource sharing.
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